Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best iPhone Apps

My cell phone upgrade finally kicked in a couple of months ago, and I broke down and bought an iPhone. My motivation for a smartphone was that I needed to be able to access my calendar in real time - both work and personal - and I bascially wanted a computer in my pocket. Now the irony here is that I'm getting older (at an age where my vision is beginning to change) and my computer screen keeps getting smaller. I need an app that will allow me to send my phone screen to my tv :)

When I first asked friends about whether to get an iPhone or something else, the response was overwhelming - "You'll LOVE it," "You won't know what you did without it," "You need one for each hand." My first thought was they were over selling it...it surely wasn't THAT cool or addictive. Boy was I wrong. Of course, I'm still in the honeymoon phase with it, but I quickly became very attached. I keep looking for cool apps. Some that I can use in my classes, some I can use for my own organization/productivity, and some just for fun. For starters, I have loaded about 10 Gb of music and find myself being one of those annoying people who walks around with earbuds in more often than not. It has kind of made me fall in love with music all over again.

The apps I use most (at this point) are the calendar, email, facebook, tweetdeck, youtube, and the browser. I also found Pandora, Shop Savvy, Yelp, Shazaam, TV.com, and a few other popular choices. Today, I found an article on the Digital Trends web site with the top apps. I saw some there that I'll probably give a whirl. Anyone out there have a favorite app (or more) that you just can't live without?


  1. Those apps are realy suitable for you. Maybe you can find some good ideas in this website too. Check this one out.

  2. I recommend replacing Shazaam with SoundHound by Midomi. Dragon Dictation is kinda' cool, if you ever want to talk into the phone and have it do all the typing for you. Kelley Pfeiffer told me about CardStar, which is cool if you have a lot of those pesky little barcode keyring things that track your reward bonus points at different stores (it works really well!!!) Finally, if you're a Hotmail user, I'd recommend mailPro: the iPhone won't sync to your MSN Live account to show that you've read your emails when you open them on your phone (annoying!). mailPro is an excellent work-around.

    ~ Ben Munson

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  4. Shazam is the best iPhone app I have downloaded for free. This is a nice music player app that helps you identify songs and artists easily.