Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Countdown to First Day of Classes...

The countdown to the first day of classes has begun. Everyone is trying to squeeze everything possible into the last bit of free time of the summer. There is the smell of fresh sharpened pencils in the air and all of those new school clothes are about to be laid out for that first day.

Oh wait…that was when I was in school. Does anyone get excited about back-to-school shopping anymore? The hunt for the best pencils, pens, bags, folders, organizers, etc.? I remember being really particular about hard lead (#3) pencils, college ruled notebook paper, and that new Mead Trapper Keeper because it was more than just a binder as the ad went. The excitement now seems to be over finding the newest laptop or netbook and then the coolest/craziest skin or cover you can find. Have you seen http://www.pimpmynetbook.com/?

All of this back-to-school reflecting made me look for some appropriate songs. I also found one of my favorite Father Guido Sarducci skits. Here’s what I found.

Here is Father Guido's 5-Minute University

Here is Pink Floyd's - We Don't Need No Education

Here is AC/DC's cover of School Days

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